OFCCP Releases Three New Policy Directives

OFCCP Releases Three New Policy Directives: On November 30th, the OFCCP released three policy directives, continuing the string of several directives issued by the new administration.  These new directives all strive to advance clear and efficient compliance procedures.  The three new directives are summarized as follow... Opinion Letters and Help Desk (DIR 2019-03) - In [...]

OFCCP Audit Update

The OFCCP recently released a list of contractors that received Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) in FY2017 and FY2018.  You can click here to check if the OFCCP sent your company a CSAL.  CSALs give federal contractors at least a 45-day advanced notice that they have been selected for a compliance evaluation and alerts them [...]

Recent Comments by OFCCP’s Acting Director Craig Leen

Last month we reported that the OFCCP released a new compensation directive.  There is some speculation about this new directive and how it will affect contractors during audits.  According to the Institute for Workplace Equality, Craig Leen recently said that the OFCCP would need stronger statistics in the absence of anecdotal evidence of compensation bias.  [...]

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New OFCCP Directives

The OFCCP has been very busy recently and released two additional directives in its efforts to improve transparency with the contractor community. “The Transparency Directive provides specific procedures that will help contractors comply with their obligations, know what to expect during a compliance evaluation, and protect workers from discrimination through the consistent enforcement of OFCCP [...]

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OFCCP and National Industry Liaison Group

The OFCCP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) which establishes their mutual goals of increased contractor compliance.  Their three goals are: Contractor Education and Training, Helping Contractors Comply with OFCCP’s Regulations, and Minimizing the Cost of Compliance by Contractors.  This is significant for contractors because it is another example [...]

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