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Recent Comments by OFCCP’s Acting Director Craig Leen

Last month we reported that the OFCCP released a new compensation directive.  There is some speculation about this new directive and how it will affect contractors during audits.  According to the Institute for Workplace Equality, Craig Leen recently said that the OFCCP would need stronger statistics in the absence of anecdotal evidence of compensation bias.  [...]

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New OFCCP Compensation Directive

The OFCCP issued a new compensation directive on August 24, 2018, Directive 2018-05 Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During a Compliance Evaluation.  The new directive replaces Directive 307 which had been in place since 2013.  The new directive better clarifies and outlines the OFCCP’s standard procedures for reviewing compensation during compliance evaluations. The OFCCP issued [...]