Compliance Simplified… the MALY way.

Complying with government regulations is rarely simple or easy. Certainly, complying with workforce affirmative action regulations fits that description. At Maly Consulting LLC, we help our client HR departments implement their affirmative action programs (AAPs) in simple, compliant ways. We are a hands-on group of affirmative action consultants. We complete as much of the compliance work as we can for our clients — freeing up their time for other pressing HR projects.
Maly Consulting LLC is a woman-owned business and is certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).

Our Approach

Compliance Simplified is our motto and approach to providing EEO/AA/AAP consulting services. The technical aspects of compliance can quickly become a burden on HR professionals as they strive to stay abreast of the ever-changing EEO/AA rules and regulations, and a hardship on their companies as they devote valuable, limited HR resources to this narrow niche of HR knowledge. Our response, and what differentiates our practice from others, is that we do as much of the EEO/AA/AAP compliance work as we can on your behalf, and, in essence, simply manage your compliance function for you.  This frees your time to manage and implement a program unique to the needs of your organization — or handle the myriad of other HR responsibilities on your plate.

Our services reach far beyond that of just AAP document preparation. As your “Compliance Manager,” we maintain the latest in-depth knowledge of EEO/AA regulations, AAP compliance details, statistical analyses and the workings of the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). We obligate ourselves to be the expert on these matters for both you and your managers. You’ll always be able to pick up the phone and get immediate, crucial advice from someone you know and trust.

Not only do we manage the function, but we also do as much of the work as we can for you. That is, our clients do not write, develop, or produce any portion of their AAP documents because we consider that to be our total responsibility. Simply give us your data and we do all the rest. This practice saves time and aggravation on the part of our clients while ensuring the integrity of both our statistical and written analyses. Finally, we present and defend (if necessary) your AAP, pay, and employment data directly to the OFCCP on your behalf. Our clients may never even talk with compliance officers (unless they so wish). We take care of all OFCCP communications, data preparations, and presentations — similar to an accountant in an IRS audit.