OFCCP Resources

The OFCCP website has a lot of good information — but, maybe too much information. It could take days to find exactly what you are looking for. Here we provide some of the more sought after or hard to find OFCCP data and information.


In addition to the blizzard of laws and regulations that accompany workplace affirmative action, the OFCCP also publishes many other documents that can be useful to those responsible for compliance within a government contracting company. Some of the documents are meant for the Agency’s own internal use in training new compliance officers or explaining the Agency’s position on confusing areas in the practice of affirmative action (a Policy about not guessing an applicant’s gender, race, ethnicity for example). Other OFCCP documents are written specifically for different contractor communities — like the AAP for “small” companies (< 150 employees) and the “Technical Assistance Guide for Federal Supply and Service Contractors.”