Client Services

Maly Consulting LLC has provided affirmative action program (AAP) services to government contractor companies since 1986. With offices on both the East and West coasts, we serve a broad range of industries nationwide. MALY consultants complete all AAP analyses, reports, and documents on a client’s behalf, and manage client audits with the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). We speak directly with inquisitive auditors — so you don’t have to. Services include:

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AAP Consulting and AAP Analytics

AAP Consulting

We maintain the latest in-depth knowledge of EEO/AA regulations, the minutia of AAP development, statistical analyses, and the workings of the OFCCP. Our obligation to both you and your managers is to be your expert on these matters. Items we address include:

  • EEO/AA policies, procedures, and record-keeping systems: assist in establishing internal compliant systems — especially for applicant tracking, hiring, promotions, and terminations.
  • Data protocols: establish procedures for defining, maintaining, and reporting compensation and employment data (applicants, hires, promotions, and terminations).
  • Audit management: compile, format, present, and defend your AAP, pay, and employment data directly to the OFCCP on your behalf; similar to an accountant in an IRS audit.
  • Government reporting: review obligations and compliance with all mandatory requirements for AAPs, EEO-1, and VETS-4212.

AAP Analytics

MALY consultants are experts on the nuances of grouping data for EEO/AA analysis and knowing which statistical tests are most appropriate to use in any given situation – there are many options. Items we address include:

  • AAP analyses and reports: Scrub, compile, and prepare data for these standard OFCCP-defined analyses. Assist in mapping job titles to census occupation codes, in defining appropriate job groups, and in assessing the appropriateness of “reasonable recruiting areas” for those job groups.
  • Compensation analysis: Conduct the required analysis of compensation data to detect potential pay equity issues. Apply analysis methods used by the OFCCP plus more rigorous statistical tests. If potential problems are identified, make recommendations and offer assistance in further investigating the causes.
  • Disparate impact analysis: Analyze employment selection decisions (hires, promotions, and terminations) to determine if significant disparities occurred in your actions.
  • Executive summaries and reports: Create the annual required “progress against goals” report. For multilevel AAPs, combine and analyze data to provide an overview to top management on overall program results.
  • Reduction-in-force analysis: Analyze for significant disparities by age as well as minority and female status.

AAP Training

MALY consultants can provide EEO/AAP training direct to your organization. During a potential OFCCP audit, compliance officers will expect that your company provide AAP training to managers. We can help. Here are some of our trainings: AAPs in Plain English, EEO/AA – What Supervisors and Managers Need to Know, How to Survive an OFCCP Audit, and OFCCP Internet Applicant Rule.

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OFCCP Audit Representation

If there is ever a time in to reach outside the company for consulting help, let it be when you face an AA audit. The OFCCP is the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. This is the agency responsible for both writing the regulations for workplace affirmative action and then auditing contractor companies against those regulations.

Recent OFCCP audits are often time consuming and may even take several years to close. Maly consultants have successfully closed many audits recently and over the years. We can handle all OFCCP communications and can compile and group, format and present, and defend your AAP, pay, and employment data directly to the OFCCP on your behalf. Compliance officers often use government terminology that are unfamiliar to most people in the business world and can ask for large data requests. We can cut through the terminology and negotiate down requests for large amounts of employment data, which lead to audits closing more quickly.

For those clients that avail themselves of this service, it is probably our most appreciated offering. And there is good reason. It provides a safe, professional buffer between our clients and the OFCCP.

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EEO-1 and VETS-4212

Deadline For EEO-1 Reporting is March 31
Deadline For VETS-4212 Reporting is September 30

Simplify your life; let Maly Consulting collect, collate, and validate your data and then submit your company’s EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports on your behalf, and on time.

  • No more dreading the government’s online reporting website, MALY assumes those headaches for you.
  • No time to pre-scrub your data? MALY validates job classifications, and identifies and corrects errors so that the quality of your government reporting is improved.
  • Raw data coming from multiple sources? Not to worry, MALY will aggregate the data from multiple sources before completing your EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports.
  • Simply send your raw, un-scrubbed data to MALY, and we’ll take it from there.

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Investigation Services

Do you have a sensitive discrimination or harassment investigation you need to manage?  Let Maly Consulting conduct the investigation for you.  We know many of our clients do their own investigations in-house using human resources professionals, but when there is an allegation involving serious misconduct by a senior employee or involving the HR department, it may warrant outside investigation.  Using your general counsel or outside employment law counsel would make them become a witness and therefore they could no longer represent your organization in court.  Maly Consulting can provide third-party investigative services for you and provide you with complete support and a final written report.  Maly has certified, experienced EEO/harassment investigators on staff.

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