The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has finally approved the OFCCP audit Scheduling Letters, including those for Compliance Checks and Focused Reviews. The OMB made several revisions to the OFCCP’s proposed changes for the letters submitted back in June 2019. This resulted in the newly approved audit scheduling letters being largely unchanged from those typically sent out. The most significant outcome of this approval is the first-ever OFCCP VEVRAA Focused Review Scheduling Letter. While the OFCCP released the Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) list specifying companies selected for a veteran focused review back in November 2019, there hasn’t been an approved scheduling letter to initiate the veteran focused reviews until now. The scheduling letter for VEVRAA focused reviews mirrors the obligations of the scheduling letter for Section 503 focused reviews but with regards to protected veterans instead of individuals with disabilities. As we previously reported, the OFCCP is continuing to work on audits but has moved to teleworking due to COVID-19. We can expect that audit scheduling letters will continue to be sent out electronically by email to initiate audits for those on the CSAL list.