The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is preparing to send out approximately 2,500 Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) to Federal contractor establishments across the country.  These are not actual audit notifications, but rather are heads-up notices that an establishment can expect to receive an official audit notification in the coming weeks or months.  In the past, CSAL’s have been sent directly to individual facilities instead of to a Federal contractor’s headquarters.  It would be a good idea for multi-establishment contractors to tell their facilities to be on the lookout for a CSAL, which can be unfamiliar to those who are not involved in human resource or contract management.   Federal contractors may fax a written request on company letterhead to OFCCP at 202-693-1305 to find out if one of their facilities can expect to receive one of the 2,500 CSALs going out in this round.  Please let your MALY consultant know if any of your facilities receive a CSAL.

Frequently Asked Questions posted by OFCCP provide information about the audit selection process.

This will be the first full round of audits to be subject to the requirements of OFCCP’s revised Scheduling Letter recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget.  Under the new requirements, contractors will have to provide more data and information in the audit submissions they send to OFCCP at the beginning of an audit, information that must be compiled within a 30-day time frame.  A previous MALY blog item and Compliance Alert provide more details about the new Compliance Review/Scheduling Letter requirements.