750 CSAL letters were mailed to federal contractors on September 7, 2018.  This included 445 companies.  Please be on the watch for the CSALs in your organization and notify your Maly Consultant if you receive one.  Remember that CSALs are not necessarily mailed to the headquarters office because they are only mailed to the location that is scheduled for the compliance review.  Also, companies that do not receive a CSAL might still be audited.  Focused reviews of E.O. 11246, Section 503, and VEVRAA will start in Fiscal Year 2019 and were not included in these CSALs.

CSALs give federal contractors at least a 45-day advanced notice that they have been selected for a compliance evaluation and will be receiving an audit scheduling letter.  The OFCCP capped its scheduling to no more than 10 establishments for any parent contractor company and no more than four establishments of a contractor in a single district office.

Contractors can check if they should have received a CSAL by e–mailing a written request on company letterhead to the OFCCP’s Division of Program Operations at OFCCP-DPO-Scheduling@dol.gov.