The EEOC announced plans to open their new web-based portal on July 15, 2019 for Component 2 pay and hours worked data.  EEO-1 filers are required to submit Component 2 data by September 30, 2019.  Companies will be reporting wage ranges using W-2 wages from Box 1.  Additionally, the EEOC will allow companies to use proxy hours for Exempt employees (40 hours/week for full time and 20 hours/week for part time) and actual hours worked for Non-Exempt employees.  The EEOC plans to send companies login information in mid-July via email and USPS. Employers with 100 or more employees are required to submit Components 1 and 2. However, federal contractors with 50-99 employees are not required to submit Component 2.

The EEOC’s helpdesk was scheduled to open June 17, 2019.  Below is the contact information for the helpdesk:


Toll Free: 877-324-6214

We will continue keeping our clients updated on additional developments.  If you are a Maly client, and we normally prepare your EEO-1 reports, we will assist you in completing and filing the additional data when required and will send you data requirements.  If we do not regularly file your EEO-1 reports, please let us know and we can assist you.