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Fall CSAL is Released, Then Revised

The OFCCP released its fall Corporate Scheduling Announcement List which provides advance notice to contractors that they are on the Agency’s list for an audit in the near future.  This most recent list has 2,250 establishments and specifies the type of audit. Along with audits they have done in the past like the establishment review, [...]

Recap of OFCCP Webinar on Section 503 Focused Reviews

On September 11, 2019 the OFCCP held a webinar to provide information about their new Section 503 Focused Reviews. In August of 2018, the OFCCP issued the Directive announcing these new Focused Reviews.  In March 2019, the OFCCP notified 500 contractors they will be scheduled for the Section 503 Focused Review through their Corporate Scheduling [...]

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OFCCP Posted CSAL List on Website

The OFCCP posted its Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) yesterday online. This is the first time the OFCCP is only posting the CSAL list online and is not mailing notification letters to individual establishments. In addition to compliance evaluations, the new list includes contractors selected for Section 503 Focused Reviews and contractors selected for compliance [...]