Currently the EEO-1 portal is only collecting “Component 1 data”- race/ethnicity and gender data by job category, which is traditionally submitted each year. The National Women’s Law Center is seeking for additional W-2 pay data and hours worked data, “Component 2 data”, to be collected as soon as this year in their case against the OMB. On March 4th, the Federal district court ruled that OMB’s suspension of the Component 2 data collection was invalid, and ordered immediate reinstatement of the additional data collection. The EEOC released a statement regarding the ruling, indicating it is working “diligently on the next steps” for collecting Component 2 data but is currently only collecting Component 1 data. On March 19th, US District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan ordered that the OMB and EEOC have until April 3rd to provide guidance about if, when, and how it will collect Component 2 data from employers. We will keep you posted as developments occur.